TikTok… Time for stories

(*the following text was originally published by Sfera International)

From July 26 until August 3, 5 students of Pelagonia Association aged 15-17 visited Lecco, Italy for a project of the Italian organization Associazione Joint, representing the partner organization SFERA International from Bitola, North Macedonia. It took place near Lecco, Region of Lombardy in Northern Italy, just below the Bergamo Alps.

The title of this Youth Exchange was “TikTok… time for stories”, an important introduction to one of the most significant aspects of medium literacy for youngsters. Along with other 25 participants and their leaders from Italy, Estonia, Bulgaria, Estonia and Romania, the teenagers present at the facilities of the “Ostello Parco Monte Barro” shared knowledge and experiences about social media with organizations from different European contexts. 

The project organizers provided young people with a space where to discuss and confront about the topic of social media and about the kinds of narrations that they use, as well as with theoretical and practical knowledge on digital storytelling, fake news and campaigning.


Perhaps the most important task participants had to accomplish was, through promoting social media as tools for social commitment, involving them in the creation of content and campaigns.


This YE aimed, also, on creating tools and strategies, useful for organizations and youth workers, in order to reach and involve young people in social and volunteer activities, through social media, that can give the use of social media as a tool for inclusion and involvement.

The YE did give teenage participants the chance to discuss and reflect about the use they do of social media, deepening the topics of digital storytelling, fake news and creation of campaigns and discuss about platforms, contents and the most popular narrations between young people.

Of course, the participants did not miss the opportunity for a visit to the wonderful city of Milano and a cruise on the Lake of Lecco.

… but above all, new friendships were born and that’s what European projects are all about!

Back home, the participants from North Macedonia, prepared a video, using all the knowledge and inspiration they gained during the project: